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Mental health disability claims
Mental Disability Claims

Physical disabilities can make it very challenging to function in a work environment. For this, employers provide workers compensation and disability benefits to cover you financially until you are able to return to work. What happens however when you are suffering from a mental disabilities?

As most who have suffered from depression, dost-traumatic stress, or bipolar disorder can attest to, mental disabilities can be just as debilitating as any physical condition and occur more often than people think.

What most people also do not know is that a mental disability in many cases can and should be covered by your disability insurance. The problem however is that a mental disorder can be difficult to prove. Because of this, insurance companies try everything in their power to avoid awarding you coverage.

Additionally, if by some miracle you are awarded a mental disability claim, insurers will often cap the length of coverage to less time than you may need.

Dealing with insurance companies is a full time job and suffering from a mental condition can make it near impossible to manage. If you or someone you know is having trouble receiving the disability coverage they deserve, contact an Employment and Disability Lawyer immediately.

You need help from a long term disability attorney who specializes in obtaining benefits for mental health disabilities. You have been through enough, put your trust in their hands and be confident that you will get the best resolution possible from your case.

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