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Phoenix Insurance Bad Faith LettersEvery time that an insurance company denies a payment, delays communication and payment, retroactively cancels a policy, or employs any other bad faith practices, chances are that you have been subject to their unethical tactics. Submitting an insurance claim is a difficult and time consuming process that often calls for strict attention to detail and knowledge of medical jargon. Having your claim denied and appealing it, on the other hand, is a disheartening experience and requires the legal assistance of bad faith insurance attorney who has extensive experience successfully fighting the insurance companies. With the counsel of an attorney, one of the ways in which policyholders can fight back against insurance bad faith is to write a letter demanding the benefits outlined in the policy. The letter should be structured as follows:

To Whom it May Concern at “X Insurance Company”:

Please accept this letter as the claimant’s formal written demand for the available policy limits in this case; i.e., $dollar amount.

We contend that your failure to offer the available policy limits to protect your insured, is an instance of bad faith. Please be advised that we are fully prepared to present the claimant’s case in court.

The full $dollar amount policy limit will protect both your insured from a larger judgment, as well as your interests. My client will accept $ (X amount of dollars) as the full and final settlement of his/her claim.

Please inform our law firm of your response to this settlement demand within the next 30 days.


Attorney Name
Client Name


NOTE: Be sure to detail your medical history, timeline of claims and appeals and anything else relevant to your case. Be as clear and concise as possible.

Bad faith insurance demand letters are typically the first step to resolving denied claims and appeals. That is not to say that the insurance company will be willing to pay their policyholders promptly or, at all. But, writing a demand letter is one of the ways in which you and your insurance bad faith attorney can point out the glaring errors your insurance company has committed. Again, if you have been subject to the unethical practices of insurance companies and are in desperate need of compensation or benefits, get the help you deserve and contact Richard Langerman. Mr Langerman has over 25 years of experience successfully enforcing the policies in his clients insurance contracts.

National Disability Insurance LawyerThe process of appealing a denied insurance claim
If you have become sick or injured and are unable to work, it may become difficult to pay bills and related expenses. The financial obligations of a long term disability can mount, allowing little room for error in applying for disability benefits from your insurance company. Often times, those who do properly apply for benefits are still denied. Unfortunately, the insurance companies have created an all too familiar routine of receiving qualified applications and wrongfully denying those requests.

Obtaining Legal Help For A Denied Insurance Claim:
With the help of an attorney who specializes in making insurance claims appeals, your chances of obtaining benefits increase exponentially. Most of the advice and assistance offered in the appeals process requires strict attention to detail and an understanding of insurance industry greed. An LTD lawyer can help you:

  • Understand why your insurance claim was denied and the methods used to measure/value your need for benefits
  • Setting legal and reasonable deadlines for completing your appeal
  • Keep track of supporting documentation, communication and additional interaction with your insurance company
  • Write an appeal letter detailing your circumstances, timeline and/or evolution of injury or disability, doctor visits and supporting information.
  • Keep tabs on the insurance company and the progress of your appeal.

After all the steps taken to ensure benefits are awarded, insurance companies are still able to deny your appeal. In any situation, you have the right to take legal action against them and have your case reviewed by a federal judge. If your initial insurance claim, or your appeal have both been denied, then strengthen your case by hiring a disability insurance lawyer who has extensive experience fighting the insurance companies and successfully obtaining benefits.

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