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Ataxia is a neurological condition that impairs the voluntary movements of the muscles, affecting the way a person walks, runs, bends over, stoops, grasps objects, or performs daily tasks. Often times, Ataxia sufferers are unable to work efficiently, making it difficult to earn an income. People who are unaffected by the condition are unaware of the extent of the disability, making it difficult on the Ataxia sufferer and the work environment in general. Insurance providers who carry Ataxia policies, often deny claims based on the fact that the condition is a subjective matter and difficult to measure the impact on your ability to work. Fortunately, Ataxia sufferers can obtain long term disability benefits to cover bills and other expenses.

Common side effects of the condition include:

  • Physical coordination – various areas of the body are affected, particularly walking
  • Balance – ability to undertake normal skills such as walking and stepping may be extremely difficult or impossible
  • Movement abilities – ability to walk,  move the limbs, extend or reach with the limbs, gesture
  • Speech – dysarthria – ability to form words and speak
  • Eye movements –  nystagmus, or ability look from left to right, up and down, etc.
  • Ability to bend down, stoop, grasp object – affects ability to pick up objects from the floor, tie shoes, etc.

Ataxia presents itself in two forms: hereditary and acute.

Hereditary Ataxia depends on the hereditary disorders of the cerebellum. Those with this form often experience a slow development of their symptoms over several years, with the underlying condition most commonly caused by issues with genes.

Acute Ataxia sufferers experience a sudden onset of symptoms, most commonly after significant trauma, injury or the development of another health condition such as a stroke or infection of the brain. Acute ataxia often times occurs due to radiation poisoning.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific treatment for ataxia, although doctors have been able to treat the underlying factors attributed to the condition. If you suffer from Ataxia and are unable to work, it may become difficult to pay for bills and related expenses. Ataxia disability attorneys, Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC are seasoned LTD lawyers who will fight for the disability benefits that you are entitled to.

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